Kathryn Styer

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I am a thankful wife and mommy of 3 girls ages 7,9,13. Like Jesus, they get to see my real self yet continue to love me unconditionally. I believe in a simple lifestyle to maximize the time I can spend connecting with my family and others God puts in my path. God has put the desire in my heart to share the truths that have saved myself and my family. I'm excited about Jesus and the work He is doing for us as our priest in the in the Heavenly Sanctuary. I love to teach people about that healing work through writing, group seminars and one on one. I long to do a better and better job of that as he works on me. I believe Jesus is coming super soon and I want to take everyone there with me.I believe Jesus has called me to preach , teach and give presentations on the Sanctuary and how you can grow closer to God through studying and applying the many practical and amazing principles.



My love for God began as a little child. I grew up with very loving parents that taught my sisters and brothers that outward-centered living is the way God designed for us to live. God has blessed me abundantly and I want to share stories and experiences that are designed to show how special everyone is in God's eyes and how that love transforms our hearts.

Furthermore, the process of how we are being transformed by His healing, saving grace is profoundly simple and beautiful. The same God we saw in the person of Jesus when on earth and is now at work in the Sanctuary above and still full of love, beauty and power. He is now asking us to come and reason with Him about everything as we in unison agree to let Him in our hearts "temple" today!

We are all "Acts of God" - His unique handiwork. I know He wants to communicate that truth to everyone of His creations! Then we can be set free to truly love Him and others as He loves us!

My Bachelors degree in Religion will be complete by Spring 2018 and plan to immediately begin my Masters in Biblical Counseling . I am a nurse and an ordained Elder in my church and feel called to preach, teach and write about the transforming love of God that is in our wonderful Savior and King of Kings