Experiencing Jesus in the Sanctuary

Learn to experience a much deeper relationship with Jesus by walking with Him    through every step of the sanctuary.  Life-like tabernacle furniture is available to      enhance your congregation’s understanding.

The Cleansing of the Most Holy Place

This seminar presents the cleansing of the sanctuary and the blotting out of sin, in order to be prepared to receive the latter rain. Jesus is reaching out for each to come into the shelter of the heavenly sanctuary and be protected in the safety of His pavilion during the coming conflict.

Preparing To Be the Bride of Christ

As Queen Esther carefully prepared to greet her king, we as the bride of Christ must get ready to meet our King of Kings. Learn to cooperate in the purification of your heart through a cleansing prayer process. Then, clothed in the beautiful, white garment of Christ’s righteousness, you will look up and hear Him say, “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.”

Timeline for the Final Generation

God wants us to know when the coming of Jesus is near, “even at the door.” The countdown of the seven trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 will lead us up to the second coming of Christ, the last trump. Understanding the fulfillment of these prophecies will enable you to connect with the truths for this time and prepare you to meet Jesus.

Sealing Truths Seminars

Based on the Sealing Truths Study Guides, these presentations will expand your understanding of the knowledge and experience needed to fully vindicate the character of God in preparation for Jesus’ soon return.



Restoration of Male/Female Relationships

Learn the male-female model for relationships patterned after the godhead. Transformational principles will be shared, helping you become the loving person you were destined by God to become.  The sanctuary holds the truths that open up new understanding, communication and deeper intimacies between men and women.

Parenting God’s Way

Learn how God’s simple steps in the sanctuary can provide insights on how to relate to your children. Implementing these principles will set you free to have the loving relationships you desire with your children, and help prepare them for heaven.



Natural Law and Your Health

In our wonderful bodies, we have laws which govern the functions of each organ and system. Learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle which is in harmony with these God-given laws, to enhance optimal health for you and your family.

The Spiritual Foundation of Your Health

Many sources state that up to 90% of disease is stress-related. In order to maintain or recover health, your body requires spiritual care. “The Lord heals the broken heart.” Past traumas, grief and sorrows, when addressed spiritually, can be life and health transforming.